About us

The Richmond Hill Terrace Residents Association is an organisation representing the interests of local people in issues that affect them.

We care about our locality – its local character, quality of life and community

Local character – we help safeguard the character of Richmond Hill Terrace

We aim to encourage the conservation and enhancement of the unique and special character of Richmond Hill Terrace by monitoring developments that affect the area and liaising with Richmond Council officers and our local elected councillors. Our part of Richmond is graced with one of the greatest views in the UK. We want to be able to pass it on to future generations unspoilt.

Quality of life– we help protect the quality of life

We act as a channel of comunications between our members and the organisations that provide public services. We monitor service provision, work with service providers as appropriate, and lobby for improvements where these are needed. We want to enhance amenities that improve the quality of life for residents and to take action to reduce nuisance and disturbance.

Community – we help support neighbourliness

Through social events and regular communications we aim to bring a stronger sense of community and neighbourliness. Participating in the Association is a way to get to know our neighbours better and to help build a sense of local community.

A bi-monthly newsletter is sent to Association members keeping them informed and involved in matters of interest and concern.