Useful contact numbers

As of 1st June 2013 this information had not been re-confirmed and may be somewhat out of date

Anti-social behaviour: Telephone the Council’s ASB reporting line on 0800 019 0026 or if you want to report online, use the weblink from our online reporting form. You will find this on the anti-social behaviour page accessible from the “Recent work in progress” page on our website.

Graffiti: Telephone the Council’s graffiti hotline 020 8891 7300 (the Council removes graffiti free from residential properties and small businesses).

Neighbourhood Watch numbers: You now only need to know two numbers to contact the Metropolitan Police:

In an emergency always call 999

An emergency is when a crime is happening, someone suspected of a crime is nearby, someone is injured, being threatened or in danger. For example:

If your house is being burgled (or the suspect is nearby) call 999

If your car is being stolen (or the suspect is nearby) call 999

Call 0300 123 1212 in a non-emergency

CallĀ 0300 123 1212 when you need to report crime that is not an emergency. For example:

If your house has been burgled call 0300 123 1212

If your car has been stolen call 0300 123 1212

This number has been introduced to make it simpler for you to contact us and to help reduce the amount of inappropriate 999 calls. You can call it any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Calls from any network will cost no more than those to 01 or 02 numbers, and also count as part of any bundled minutes. If you need to call us from outside of the UK, you can call us on +44 207 230 1212.

You can also call 0300 123 1212 when you need to speak to your local police, seek advice on police matters or comment on the service you have received from the Metropolitan Police.

Water pressure: Thames Water 0845 9200 800. Refer to issue number: BB 722162